trisquel triquetra
タイトル キー ジャンル*1 初出
Eventide song D-Major Jig Dusk-to-dawn tales
Feast day B-Minor Reel Dusk-to-dawn tales
Thrilling gloaming E-Dorian Reel Ceol go deo!
Hurtling horse cart E-Dorian Reel Ceol go deo!
Blue-green E-Dorian Air Mo cheol, mo chroí
Forest's jig B-Minor Jig Mo cheol, mo chroí
Weaver on the brae E-Dorian Reel Mo cheol, mo chroí
Tricksy sisters B-Minor Slipjig Mo cheol, mo chroí
Dancing fencers B-Minor Reel Mo cheol, mo chroí
Let's be off to the field B-Minor Reel Mo cheol, mo chroí
Sunday roaming D-Minor Reel Y-E2008d
Chasing the cat F-Major Reel Y-E2008d
A breezy trail D-Minor Reel Y-E2008d
An Réice B-Minor Reel An Réice
Upwind B-Minor Slipjig An Réice
Theme of Casket E-Dorian Reel An Réice
Beats heat hearts E-Dorian Reel An Réice
Burning shamrock E-Dorian Reel An Réice
Happy Holidays! D-Major Jig An Réice
Meadhbh's Reel E-Dorian Reel Skyward
Ciarán's E-Dorian Jig Skyward
Slight mist D-Major Air Skyward
Lone cloud E-Dorian Reel 未発表
Amber in the glass B-Minor Reel Moonstruck party
The digestive E-Dorian Jig Moonstruck party
Breandan's solo - Bodhran solo Gan ainm
Finn O'Rourke's F-Major Reel Gan ainm
Aoife's jig G-Dorian Jig Gan ainm
McMorrow's B-Minor Reel Gan ainm
Long way home G-Dorian Air Gan ainm
Halloween reel F-Major Reel Gan ainm
Early afternoon street E-Dorian Reel Booted and spurred
Open without business E-Dorian Jig Booted and spurred
The buttermilk sky E-Dorian Jig Booted and spurred
Pedal by pedal G-Dorian Reel Booted and spurred
Downhill C-Mixolydian Jig Booted and spurred
Eagernesses D-Major Reel Booted and spurred
Booted and spurred B-Minor March Booted and spurred
Erin's reel E-Dorian Reel The story to come
Leac phábhála E-Dorian Waltz The story to come
Scratches on the disc E-Dorian Jig The story to come
Flimsy raft D-Minor Reel Casket II
Mandarin orange G-Dorian Jig Casket II
An ordinary picture G-Dorian Reel Casket II
A boulevard tree F-Major Jig Casket II
Green leaves G-Dorian Reel Casket II
Bustle's fancy D-Dorian Jig アルコとリーナ〜リリー亭へようこそ〜
Washer-lady's D-Dorian Jig アルコとリーナ〜リリー亭へようこそ〜
Reel of yarn D-Dorian Reel アルコとリーナ〜リリー亭へようこそ〜
Rainy street frolics G-Minor Reel Acts!
Sunset light Bb-Major Jig Acts!
Easnadh's G-Major Jig Acts!
Lightning lilts reel E-Dorian Reel Acts!
A hawker's pint E-Dorian Reel Acts!
Hang on! - Bodhran solo Acts!
Hydrangea G-dorian Reel Acts!
Cat's trip E-dorian Reel Gamblers' bullet
Dog's homeward E-Dorian Reel Gamblers' bullet
An air for winters D-Major Air Gamblers' bullet
Chun an bhaile C-Dorian Slipjig Gamblers' bullet
At the window C-Dorian Three-two Gamblers' bullet
Here it comes! D-Major March Gamblers' bullet
Rooftop B-Minor Reel Gamblers' bullet
Way back from Dyke rd E-Dorian Slipjig A session at O'Doorly's
Table the glass G-Dorian Jig A session at O'Doorly's
The tipsy wallet G-Dorian Three-two A session at O'Doorly's
Diddle Ruddle E-Dorian Reel A session at O'Doorly's
Wind from the mountain G-Dorian Reel Casket III
The mill G-Dorian Reel Casket III
An air for summers D-Major Air Casket III

*1 不正確です。訂正ありましたらお願いします。