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Casket official website
Cead míle failte!

It's 10th anniversary!

We cannot thank you enough for your sincere supports!

To Taiwan, again!

Casket is taking part in FancyFrontier 28 (8/28-29) held in Taipei city.
The 1st day: M10 / The 2nd day: N36
New release is a collection album with 19 tracks!

AKIBA-HOBBY started overseas shipping

Now you can get our works from AKIBA-HOBBY. Better yet, they can even export our Touhou arrange works!*1
Casket's works | Casket /w Aramitama work
If you need more for the lineup, feel free to contact us(not AKIBA-HOBBY)!
And for above, Casket's direct shipping for overseas is officially stopped.

About us

Casket is a Japanese doujin Irish/Breton trad & mixture music circle since 2006.
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Getting our works



Ask before use!

If you want to use our works as BGM or something*2, please contact above.
Any program uploaded without authorization will be reported as the violation of rights.

We provide whistle/pipes recordings for you.

More precise and much cheaper than real recordings. Example of use

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We'd like to know what to post on this page. Any comments are appreciated.

*1 Because they took the permission by ZUN. I'd like to appreciate him for the generosity, and them for the efforts.
*2 Just uploading the work will be denied